Christmas letters from Ruth & Adrian Sharville

Sharville Christmas Newspoem 2004

Hello dear friends, the time has come once more
To tell you of the year that's gone before.
A year of bits and pieces, odds and ends,
Like watching cricket, gardening, seeing friends.

Something from last November to tell you -
We watched as Concorde over Bristol flew
One last time in her element - the air.
You've seen the famous photo - we were THERE!

Also last year I published my first book
Of Shetland Haiku. If you want a look,
I'll send it - four pounds fifty is the fee
Including autograph and p & p!

So to this year. Among the things to tell
Is that for Adrian things are going well.
Although he loved his old job, came the chance
Of something which his prospects should advance.

He's still within the field of disability
Now with more pay and more responsibility.
He's working with "Asperger's" people, who
See life in different ways from me and you.

It's much less travel for him every day -
The downside is the bridge toll he must pay.
And though 'twas sad to leave the former place
His new career is coming on a-pace.

Despite the dreadful summer, we've been blest
With beans, courgettes and tatties of the best,
Organic and delicious, so worth growing.
I wonder what next year I will be sowing?

We've also had some decking built, to give
An extra space in which to eat - and live.
And I've been busy landscaping the front
(A good excuse for lovely plants to hunt!)

The cats are thriving - and now very clingy,
Just tolerant of next door's cat, called Thingy,
And Henry down the road, and many others
They struggle to accept as sisters, brothers.

I've managed to enjoy some music-making,
With friends in Bach's B Minor Mass partaking.
I also managed to invent a reason
To work in London part of the Proms season.

To music and theatre we have been
We've seen some of the greats of stage and screen
In Shakespeare, Bennett, Coward, Rattigan;
Heard Handel Mozart, Strauss - and Steeleye Span!

Our membership of Gloucestershire (that's cricket)
Led us to many days behind the wicket
Upon the Hammond Roof enjoying matches
Full of great batting, bowling and good catches.

The best of all these days was going to Lord's,
Our first time for a final - the rewards
Were that we had a day of joy and fun,
And best of all, of course, Gloucestershire won!

For holidays we went to Tarragona
Initially to visit Barcelona.
But other places strongly did us beckon -
It's Barcelona for next year I reckon.

We also went to Cork one long weekend
The sort of place where everyone's a friend.
The food, the landscape and the welcome there
Convinced us we'll return for similar fare.

And nearer home we found wide open spaces
In South West Wales, where surging ocean races,
And trees have little impact on the view -
Like somewhere else does all this sound to you?

To cap it all, we had a splendid view
Of open ocean - from the QE2!
A special treat, a taster for three nights
Of haute cuisine, and other such delights.

And now with evenings dark and weather cool,
We think of you, our friends, and hope that you'll
Forgive us if this missive's all you hear
From us, as year succeeds to flying year.

But be assured you matter one and all -
And if you're trav'lling near, give us a call.
You're very welcome. Do not hesitate!
To end with, hope your Festive Season's GREAT!!