Christmas letters from Ruth & Adrian Sharville

Sharville Christmas Newspoem 2012

Where's this year gone? November's nearly here
And I am only now my poem beginning.
So I had better get my brain in gear
And sort out all the jumbled thoughts there spinning.

So what have we to tell - where have we been?
It's been a mix of countryside and town
Some lovely exhibitions we have seen
And heard various performers of renown.

We went to Cornwall, visited new places
Spent time with friends, found new places to dine;
And Birmingham, with more friends, left some traces
Of sore heads after four hours drinking wine!

We went to see Port Sunlight village - we
Find places like this full of fascination,
With architecture of high quality
And space for pleasure and for recreation.

Our cricket season on the whole was poor
Except two good times: First, the Trent Bridge Test.
In glorious sun we saw both captains score
One hundred - Strauss's last. He was the best!

And then to Scarborough supporting Gloucester
For their first game in ages in this town
The weather minded us of Doctor Foster,
We lost 2 days of play, but didn't frown

As when we went to Whitby it was dry
So we enjoyed the abbey, then descended
The steps down to the town, then had to try
The Whitby Scampi - highly recommended!

I had a trip to Southwell with a choir
I sang with thirty years ago, and who
To creditable standards still aspire
When drinking beer. The singing's not bad too!

And Adrian enjoys his work - a blessing -
And loves our days out, concerts and theatre.
Though double shifts in ways can be depressing
The fewer six pound bridge tolls paid, the better!

It hasn't been a good year in the garden,
Owing to cold and wet, and numerous slugs.
My caring attitude will have to harden -
These aren't just garden pests, they're downright thugs!

The blueberries were great. The rest was poor.
The plums went rotten on the tree. The beans
Despite three plantings, ended up as straw.
And we all know what lack of sunshine means...

So as I write, New Zealand beckons strong
I planned the schedule months and months ago!
But now it's just a week away... not long.
And will we want to come home? I don't know!

Our dear cat, Flash, has gone for holidays
Down to her home from home, with Mum in Devon
She'll sit in the conservatory, to gaze
At all the birds - she thinks it's seventh heaven!

And Mum reached ninety-one this year. My brother
And his dear wife came over from the States.
And over Christmas they will make another
Trip here, as the whole family celebrates.

Photography as always has inspired me -
An outlet for my creativity -
As is a group I go to, which has fired me
To learn more about real poetry!

I hope that both will blossom there Down Under,
That we'll bring home a lasting memory
Of glorious scenery of awesome wonder
And happy times with friends and family.

So an Olympic year draws to an end
And good, I hope, for you and those held dear.
So this we wish for each and every friend -
A happy Christmas, and a great New Year

A quick PS. For NZ we're now craving,
'Twas all we'd hoped for when we went away.
Next year it's Shetland beckons. Then we're saving
For our return New Zealand holiday!