Christmas letters from Ruth & Adrian Sharville

Sharville Christmas NewsPoem 2016

The last day of the cricket season means
It's time for Ruth to start on this year's news.
She's made a list. Its content clearly leans
Towards how much we loved our Iceland cruise!

But that was only one of this year's highs,
And more about these Ruth will duly tell.
It hasn't all been good there's no surprise -
But on the whole the year treated us well.

We've been upset by all the great and good
Who've died this year: Prince and Victoria Wood,
And Rickman, Wogan, Bowie, and Ali
To name a few who mean something to me.

Retirement is hot news in Sharville-land,
As Adrian turned 65. As planned,
He's stopped his full-time work, and draws his pension,
But works odd shifts to ease financial tension.

Come mid-December Ruth also retires
From full-time work, to spend more time with Vera.
This should less stressful be, and she aspires
To write and be creative which will cheer her.

This year our travels have been quite extensive.
We've had some great days out, and times away.
But Brexit's now meant Euros are expensive...
- We greeted the result with some dismay.

We love "collecting" islands, so this year a
Great joy it was to travel to Madeira.
We loved the isle, the gardens, mists and mountains,
And Funchal's park, with rainbow-making fountains.

The isle of Porto Santo joined the list.
We took a boat ride for some exploration.
It's stunning sandy beach should not be missed -
It certainly lived up to expectation.

Now, as Ruth's writing this in random sections,
She's noticed that the rhyme scheme's gone to pot.
She hope you won't raise too many objections
And that you'll read it all, no matter what!

More islands we collected when we cruised
To Iceland, Faeroe, and some well-loved places.
Aboard M.V. "Magellan" we got used
To comfort, good food, and some friendly faces.

We called at Kirkwall, and saw Brodgar's Ring
And watched the tirricks diving at Skaill Bay.
And thence to Iceland. There the days would bring
Some sights and sounds that blew us both away.

We saw majestic mountains, midnight sun,
An indoor geyser, glaciers, waterfalls,
A fox, wild flowers, boiling mud, and one
Amazing church, with lava-inspired walls.

To Faeroe next we sailed across the waves.
Not long here, but enough to get the feeling
Of these dramatic islands, with their caves
And cliffs and waterfalls, and sea birds wheeling.

The trolls and elves live here we were aware
That we should not upset them. We took care
To show respect for them and where they bide,
(This one's quick smoke soon gave away his hide!)

Our final port of call was Lerwick. Here,
No introduction's needed. We met friends.
The sun shone, we saw puffins, all was clear.
And this is where this isles adventure ends.

We should have got to Lundy, but the weather
Meant "Waverley" was not able to tether
At Clevedon. Disappointing this. But hey -
At Cheddar Gorge we had a lovely day!

The next day "Waverley" could sail good news!
And we enjoyed a Bristol Channel cruise.
The isles of Steep and Flat Holm were in view,
And then we saw them from "Balmoral" too.

So next year we're off cruising to the Fjords
Paid for while both still working the rewards
For all the efforts we have given employers
Across the years. No more will they annoy us!

But part-time work will keep us off the street.
Ruth needs a job to keep us in our cruises,
And Adrian still works but shifts that meet
His own timetable he works when he chooses.

Enough of all these ramblings. Time has come
To wish you, our dear Family and Friends,
A happy Christmas, and for everyone,
A peaceful Earth, and joy that never ends.