Christmas letters from Ruth & Adrian Sharville

Sharville Christmas Newspoem 2013

It's Autumn, so there's one thing must be done -
Compile this year's NewsPoem for your delight.
I'm struggling; inspiration there is none.
The remedy for that? Get on and write!

So now we've listed everywhere we've been,
So much we've done, so many people met!
So many fascinating places seen,
Experiences that we will not forget.

You found us last year fresh back from our trip
Down Under to New Zealand - what a place!
And one year on, we regularly dip
Into the memories, and our steps re-trace.

The photos help of course! (Here's just one more)
Indeed they are a record of each year
As far as travels go. This year we saw
Isles, mansions, bridges, trains and friends so dear.

We've had a year of mostly joy and gladness -
Our Silver Wedding happened in July.
But then a Shetland friend's death brought great sadness -
How cruel that one so full of life should die.

So what of travels? This year we've had lots
We went back to the Shetland Isles in June,
Caught up with friends, revisited loved spots,
And promised them, and us, we'll be back soon.

July saw some more travelling around
Because it was a quarter century
Since we got hitched. To treat ourselves, we found
The perfect place in southern Brittany.

The third and final trip was to North Wales,
Enjoying waterfalls and aqueducts,
And on the way the Severn Valley's rails
Led to a Festival of Beer. Aw shucks!

We loved the narrow-gauge Welsh Highland line
With scenery minding us of sights Down Under
And Swallow Falls in spate's a sight so fine
That we just stood transfixed in awe and wonder.

We also found, right off the beaten track,
Both Wales and England's highest waterfall.
And though pronunciation skills we lack
To say its name, it was the best of all!

We've been to some theatrical tear-jerkers,
And operas, films, gigs, concerts, comedy:
June Tabor with both Oyster Band and Quercus,
And much to mark Britten's centenary.

The Zombies thrilled at Pontypridd Arts Centre,
And Duckworth Lewis Bristol's George's Hall.
The Underground's one-five-o birthday meant a
Weekend in London – Spamelot and all.

We grew good beans and blackberries and plums
Despite the latter rotting on the tree.
And now the chilly winter weather comes,
The blackbirds know where berry meals are free.

For more than thirty years, Ruth's sole employment
Was with DWP (DHSS)
At times fulfilling, and with much enjoyment,
But latterly with tedium and stress.

So rather than let such malaise affect her,
She changed her job, returning to assessing -
The job she loved. Now in the Private Sector,
Despite a pay cut, she's sure it's a blessing.

And six months down the line, she's not regretting
Abandoning the office for the road.
The new job has its niggles, but she's getting
To grips with the demands of her work load.

Ruth's brother had a major operation
And all is well. For Mum's birthday he flew
To Devon to see her - a visitation
About which Vera truly nothing knew!

And Adrian continues trying to master
His skills on the computer. He will look
At sites on space or natural disaster
And even sometimes check his own Facebook!

On Christmas Day, Ruth heads, with Flash, to Mum's,
But Adrian's movements on his shifts depend.
He'll join us when he can. Then Richard comes
To visit from the States, for the year's end.

Facebook is good, but we're not into tweeting.
That is our sparrows' job - they do it best.
Instead we'll leave you with this Christmas greeting:
"With health and joy may you and yours be blessed."